Distinguished Visiting Artist Mildred Howard Exhibition Showing at the Fred Jones Museum of Art

Distinguished Visiting Artist Mildred Howard Exhibition

The Fred Jones Museum of Art is presenting the Mildred Howard Exhibition, which will be showing until April 7. Howard is the seventh Distinguished Visiting Artist Chair at the University of Oklahoma.

Howard is a mixed media artist and uses a variety of mediums such as “printmaking, sculpture, textile, glass installations” said White. 

Using those materials, she confronts social and political issues. She does this by “Appropriating images from history in a fashion that speaks to contemporary issues,” said the museum director Mark White. 

“There is a little something for everyone,” said White.

Melissa Ski, Director of Learning and Engagement, said Howard’s art is directed towards the history of oppression, slavery, civil rights, the black lives movement, and women’s rights. 

The art makes the viewer think about social issues by contrasting the past and the present. 

For example, a print from her series, “I’ve been a witness to this game” shows Beyonce placed in front of a civil war militia. “You’ve got this very influential African American woman in what is seen in contrast to slaveholders,” said White. 

Howard is a native of San Francisco and got her MFA from John F. Kennedy University. Throughout her career she has received many awards such as the Adeline Kent award, the Joan Mitchell Foundation award, the Lee Krasner award, the Nancy Graves grant and the Douglas G. MacAgy Distinguished Achievement Award. 

She gets much of her inspiration from from her parents, who were actively involved in the civil rights movement. Through her work, she carries on her parent’s legacy. 

For Mildred Howard’s full bio, you can go to http://www.ou.edu/fjjma. Admission to the museum is always free thanks to the OU office of the president and the OU athletics department. 

Melissa Ski (m.ski@ou.edu)

Mark White (maw@ou.edu)

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Howard’s full bio on the OU museum site. 


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